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PERIOD Podcast

Period podcast is a space for menstruators and their friends to learn all about the biology and culture of the menstrual cycle. Kate Clancy, biological anthropologist and period enthusiast, interviews scholars and people with relevant lived experiences to share their thinking. Come for the period jokes, stay for the science.

Sep 23, 2019

This is PERIOD Podcast, episode 31. I am so pleased to bring you this week’s episode with guest Dr. Julie Hennegan. Dr. Julie Hennegan is a Research Associate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In this episode, Dr. Hennegan and I talk about the concept of menstrual hygiene management, and how what we assume menstruators need isn’t always what they actually need. I also really appreciated what Dr. Hennegan had to say about making sure that the evidence we collect on menstruation is good. You’ll see what she means in the interview - have a listen!