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PERIOD Podcast

Period podcast is a space for menstruators and their friends to learn all about the biology and culture of the menstrual cycle. Kate Clancy, biological anthropologist and period enthusiast, interviews scholars and people with relevant lived experiences to share their thinking. Come for the period jokes, stay for the science.

Feb 9, 2018

Join Kate for the last episode of season 2. She talks to Imani Gandy and Jessica Pieklo (AKA @AngryBlackLady and @Hegemommy on Twitter), the hosts of Boom! Lawyered and Senior Legal Analysts at Rewire News.

Feb 2, 2018

Join Kate as she talks to grad student Holly Horan from her fieldwork in Puerto Rico on the effects of stress on pregnancy and preterm birth. Show notes can be found at And don't forget to use coupon code "periodpodcast" for 50% off your order at!

Jan 26, 2018

Kate talks to Dr. Andrea Ichino about research indicating that some women miss work in a cyclical pattern. Is the problem the data, the interpretation, the way we view women, or the way we view the workplace?

Jan 19, 2018

Kate talks to Dr. Jessica Kiley about periods and contraception, with a particular focus on long-acting contraception. Consider an implant and become a biohacker ahead of the Silicon Valley dudebros!

Jan 12, 2018

Kate talks to Dr. Marla Lujan, PCOS expert and professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University. We geek out on testosterone and how the body makes eggs.